Asian Wedding Guest Etiquette

Across a large number of cultures, marriages are full of persuits and customs that represent love and unity. And Oriental weddings are not any exception. While no two weddings are similarly, there are some methods that most of guests should be aware of. From how to dress to what products to bring, here are some of the crucial dos and don’ts of Asian wedding invitee etiquette.

Gift Offering

In Hard anodized cookware culture, gift-giving is a big section of the wedding party. It is a way to show respect and honor to the couple’s parents and the new in-laws. It is also a sign of good good luck and joy for the newlyweds. It is important to not forget that the quantity of money presented as a marriage gift need to be an even number, as peculiar numbers are typically associated with funerals and grieving. It is also normal to give the gift idea in a red envelope (called “hongbao”), since it is considered lucky in Chinese language culture.

Do not provide any surprise that represents death or mourning, such as lighting, towels, pointed and rough objects or things in dark or white. It is also a good plan to avoid gift ideas that are very costly, as it will not be seen as a sign of good trust or respect.

In addition to providing gifts, also, it is important to attend the tea ceremony or San Zhao Hui Men. This is a practice that was originally performed three days after the wedding, in which the groom fantastic family been to the bride’s home to pay values and exhibit their appreciation to her parents. The home would then provide the couple a traditional Chinese language tea made with reddish dates, longans, and lotus seeds.

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